Whether you are building a residential complex or a shopping center and regardless of where they are built, each construction is required to be built on a solid foundation.

Machines and methods:

Numerous methods and machines are available for placing fund profiles or for returning to the site. Romned is a company specializing in drilling rigs, hammer vibrations and many other machines that could cope lighter and more efficiently.

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Characteristic of drilling rigs is the high performance engine, with a hydraulic motor specially designed for direct feed of the rotary head. A special feature to be able to use is a special firing, designed for an automatic adaptation of the drilling resistance. They can be equipped to perform several applications of soil and soil, but also a hydraulic storage machine can be attached.


  • Endurance and quality
  • High safety standards
  • Mobility growth
  • Special design and craft for your project

Impact hammers are very suitable for almost every application of prefabricated piles or for cast and piles and are accelerated to guarantee high performance. A major advantage is the regulation of the blowing energy.

Due to the fact that the capacity required may vary, there are several types of vibrating hammers. We have invested in machinery and now we benefit from the latest technology. Our hammers can be easily adjusted, adding fall weights, as needed.


  • Increased durability
  • High efficiency thanks to the capacity of the blowing energy
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • The guarantee of a well-worked project

Vibration is a very fast and environmentally friendly method for placing and removing foundation profiles and piles of sheets. A vibrating hammer brings a vertical moving profile.

The amplitude can vary from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. This leads to liquefaction of the soil, which can reduce the resistance. Due to the combination of vibration and weight, the profile decreases to the desired depth. Moreover, a vibrating hammer is also suitable for soil compaction.


  • Can be attached and transported with an excavator
  • Can be used in large cities and other urban areas
  • Proven efficiency in difficult work
  • Easy handling
  • Personnel and project safety.

Resonators use patented pulse technology. Thanks to its high frequency, the profiles are raised to their natural frequency, behaving like a spiral arc and leading to the ground. Due to the lack of eccentric mass, this technology is vibration-free.

The resonator installs piles, pipes and piles of sheet metal and can easily be used as, mobile or guided hanging crane


  • Unique technology, without eccentric mass
  • Compact and lightweight machine
  • Very high production capacity, being very easy to install
  • Suitable even for very small works


Pilling and resonating concrete
Wooden or plastic profiles
Cast in site constructions of fundations