Mincon MR132 RC Hammer (4 1/2″ Remet)

The MR range of RC hammers is designed to perform at the top end of the performance scale compared to other tools on the market. With extensive testing over an 18 months period the MR range of tools offers some very significant benefits over it’s predecessor, the MX range of RC hammers.

Performance improvements show up to 20% increase in production in both grade control and exploration applications vs. the Mincon MX range. As with all Mincon hammers the tools performed extremely well in deep hole drilling in dry applications and where there is a lot of water in the bore hole. With a variable length available on the chuck sleeve the hammer can be easily set up for either dry or wet hole drilling. Set to become the standard by which RC hammers will be measured, the Mincon MR range of tools get the job done.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Patented mounting system for fixed internal components.
  • An extremely sturdy shank with a short length allows for greater transfer of energy between the piston and bit.
  • Variable chuck sleeve lengths for varying drilling conditions.
  • Single piece sample tube assembly.
  • Specially heat treated sample tubes offer superior wear resistance vs. our competitors.
  • Variable sample tube bore sizes allows the contractor greater flexibility in setting up his tool.
  • Hardened wear sleeve for optimum wear resistance even in the most abrasive conditions.
  • Multi-start threads on backhead and chuck ensure easy coupling/uncoupling of hammer.
  • Metal sprayed chuck sleeve and wear sleeve options for greater wear resistance on outside circulation.
  • All critical internal components are heat treated under strict control to maximize tool longevity.
  • Ease of service with no special assembly or disassembly tools required.

For more information:

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Ron van Dam

Hammer Outside Diameter132mm5.2″
Hammer Length (Less Drill Bit)1165mm45.9″
Backhead Spanner Flat Size94mm4″
Drill Bit Shank TypeMR132
Backhead Thread4 1/2″ Remet
Drill Bit Size Range137mm – 146mm5.4″ – 5.75″
Hammer Weight (Less Bit)77 Kgs170 Lbs
Maximum Drill Bit Weight18 Kgs39.7 Lbs
Piston Weight19 Kgs41.9 Lb
Make up Torque5288-7050 NM3900-5200 FT Lbs
Backhead Stand Off0.75mm0.030″
Recommended Minimum Air Package25.5m3/min @ 24.1Bar900cfm @ 350psi
ItemPart NoDescription
MR132AS01MR132 Hammer 4 1/2″ Remet
11300-0850Internal Circlip
2BS 228O Ring x 2
3MX5456AT01Adaptor Tube 4 1/2″ Remet Pin
4BS 226O Ring x 2
5BS 040O Ring
7MR132BH01Back Head 4 1/2″ Remet
8BS 244O Ring
98406-0200-N8Check Valve Seal
10MX5456CV01Check Valve Plunger
11MX5456SP01Check Valve Spring
13MR132LR01Lock Ring
14MR132ST01Sample tube – Large Bore
MR132ST03Sample Tube – Small Bore
15BS230O Ring
16MR132DR01Sample Tube Mount
17BS228O Ring
18BS237O Ring x 2
19BS042O Ring
20MX5456SR01Seating Ring
21MR132IC01Inner Cylinder
23MR132WS01Wear Sleeve
24MX5456PR01Piston Retaining Ring
25MR132BB01Aligner Bearing Bush
26N7-102-4O Ring x 2
27BS 241O Ring
28MR132BR01Bit Ring
29BS 152O Ring
30MR132CSxxxLChuck Sleeve
MR132OKITO Ring Kit
MR132MK01Make Up Service Kit

 Air Pressures are given for compressors operating at seal level at 20° C (68º F). Corrections to actual compressor volume should be made to account for temperature, altitude and relative humidity.

DTH hammers must receive a constant supply of proper rock drill oil to protect the internal components and to provide a good air seal between the hammer’s running surfaces for efficient drilling. Mincon recommends the use of Mincon Envirosafe® Rock Drill Oil (RDO) to maintain optimal performance and extend the life of the internal components. The correct consumption of oil is dependent upon the air volume and conditions. Please refer to the lubrication graph below for recommendations. When drilling in wet conditions the normal amount should be doubled. There should be visual evidence of oil around the drill bit shank and within the tube joints when changing tubes.

If using petroleum based rock drill oils, the recommended grade of oil is dependent on the ambient temperature and the operating pressure. As a rule of thumb, ISO320 grade rock drill oil should be used whenever possible as the hammer is a high frequency tool, however, where the pump cannot pump the oil in colder conditions, a lower grade of oil can be used as per the graph below.


Note: The Part Numbers below require the Carbide Insert type code to be added on the end to complete them. For a combination of carbide inserts use the gauge row code first and then the face code.

DiameterFace TypePart NumberNo. x Button Dia (inch)Flushing holesWeight Approx.
1275Concave50QL50C588 – 5/8″4 – 1/2″3 – 1/2″215.935
1305 1/8″Concave51QL50C588 – 5/8″4 – 1/2″3 – 1/2″215.935
1335 1/4″Concave52QL50C588 – 5/8″4 – 9/16″3 – 9/16″216.336
1405 1/2″Concave54QL50C588 – 5/8″4- 9/16″4- 9/16″217.338
1405 1/2″Concave54QL50C599 – 5/8″6 – 9/16″6- 9/16″317.338
1405 1/2″Flat Face54QL50F588 – 5/8″7 – 5/8″217.338
1405 1/2″Flat Face54QL50F599 – 5/8″9 – 9/16″317.338
1405 1/2″Convex54QL50V599 – 5/8″6- 9/16″4- 9/16″317.338
1465 3/4″Concave56QL50C588 – 5/8″4- 5/8″4- 5/8″217.739
1405 3/4″Concave56QL50C599 – 5/8″6 – 9/16″6- 9/16″317.739
1465 3/4″Flat Face56QL50F588 – 5/8″8 – 5/8″217.739
1405 3/4″Convex56QL50V599 – 5/8″3 – 5/8″5 – 5/8″317.739
1495 7/8Concave60QL50C588 – 5/8″4 – 5/8″4 – 5/8″218.641
1526Concave60QL50C588 – 5/8″4 – 5/8″4 – 5/8″218.641