Rotary Drill Pipe

Mincon Blast Hole Drill Pipe is designed and manufactured with proprietary materials and processes to withstand the heaviest pull down forces and most abrasive of ground conditions. We offer a full range of rotary drill pipe to meet your requirements for outside diameter (O.D.), wall thickness, length, and specific drill rig wrenching configurations.

All drill pipe materials are certified as meeting Mincon’s stringent quality standards. Computerized machining of each component with gauging to nationally recognized standards ensures a perfect fit and torque when making up threaded joints. Drill pipes are accurately aligned, welded, and stress relieved to ensure a consistent high quality product. Each Mincon drill pipe is fully inspected and assigned a unique serial number for full traceability of materials and workmanship.

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Ron van Dam

Mincon drill pipe is generally comprised of a mid body drill tube and two tool joints. Lengths to 50 feet measured shoulder to shoulder with thread connections and wrenching details to suit your specific drilling equipment are available. Mincon’s Helical Hard Banding (HHB) drill pipes are unique in the industry and deliver those extra meters needed to help lower drilling costs and keep drill rigs in production.  Each drill pipe has a unique serial number for full traceability of materials and workmanship.

When Ordering, Please Provide the Following:

  • Outside diameter (O.D.)
  • Shoulder to shoulder length
  • Wall thickness of tube portion
  • Thread sizes (box – pin)
  • Make & model of drill, (wrenching details)
  • With or without helical hard band wear protection