SD8 Shank

Mincon has a comprehensive range of DTH Drill Bits to suit all types of applications and drilling processes. There are a number of different drill bit head designs for the SD8 shank and Mincon Sales Technicians can work with you to determine the ideal design for your application.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured from premium alloy steels.
  • Proprietary heat treatment processes to provide maximum service life and durability.
  • Compressive residual stress layer added to improve metal fatigue resistance.

For more information:

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Ron van Dam

Specifications Metric Imperial
Minimum Hole Size 200mm 7 7/8″
Number of Splines 8
Height of Foot Valve Above Strike Face 57.1mm 2.250″
Length of Shank 322mm 12.66″
Bearing Surface Diameter N/A
Mincon DTH Hammer(s) 8DHSD

Note: The Part Numbers below require the Carbide Insert type code to be added on the end to complete them. For a combination of carbide inserts use the gauge row code first and then the face code.

Carbide Insert Codes
Dome (Spherical) D
Ballistic B
Semi-Ballistic (Parabolic) P
Conical (Spike) S
Dome PCD Y