Mincon MP180N180 Hammer

The Mincon MP180 hammer has been designed to provide excellent drilling performance in all types of conditions while reducing the energy cost to do so. The tool can be used in all types of drilling applications and excels in simultaneous casing drilling for standalone piles and interlocked-casing drilling for pipe-pile walls.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Patented features maximize energy output and reduce service requirements.
  • Fewer internal components minimize service requirements.
  • Valveless, high frequency design ensures smooth operation.
  • Hardened wear sleeve for optimum wear resistance even in the most abrasive conditions.
  • Multi-start threads on backhead and chuck ensure easy coupling/uncoupling of hammer.
  • Unique internal mount system eliminates the need for wear shims and special assembly tools.
  • All critical internal components are heat treated under strict control to maximize tool longevity.

For more information:

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Ron van Dam

Description Specifications
Hammer Outside Diameter 400mm (15.75″)
Hammer Length (Backhead Shoulder Insert to Chuck) 1708mm (67.2″)
Drill Bit Shank Type N180
Minimum Bit Size (rock) 457mm (18″)
Minimum Bit Size (overburden) 508mm (20″)
Hammer Weight (Less Bit) 1209kg (2665 lbs)
Piston Weight 282kg (622 lbs)
Backhead Stand Off 0.3mm (0.012″)
Make up Torque 18300 – 24400Nm (13500 – 18000 lbf.ft)
Wear Sleeve Reverse Limit Not reversible
Wear Sleeve Discard Limit 381mm (15″)
Recommended Minimum Air Package 1038 l/s @ 13.8 bar (2200cfm @ 200psi)
Item # Part Number Description
MD1801AS01 Mincon MP180-N180 (8 5/8″ A.P.I. Reg. Pin)
1 MD1819BI01 MP180 8 5/8 API Insert
2 MD1817BO06 Backhead Insert Break out ring
3 MD1830CP01 BH Tube Circlip
4 MD1816TB02 Backhead Tube (8 5/8″ API Insert)
5 MD1823OR01 O-Ring
6 MD1806CH01 Choke Blank
7 MD1802CV01 Check Valve
8 MD1803SP01 Check Valve Spring
9 MD1801BH02 Backhead For Adapter Insert
10 MD1817BO02 Backhead Breakout Ring
11 MD1820OR01 O-Ring
12 MD1821OR01 O-Ring
13 MD1808IC01 Inner Cylinder
14 MD1805LR01 Lock Ring
15 MD1804SM01 Make-up Ring
16 MD1812PR01 IC Retaining Ring
17 MD1810PN01 Piston
18 MD1811WS01 Wear Sleeve
19 MD1812PR01 Piston Retaining Ring
20 MD1813BB01 Aligner
21 MD1822OR01 O-Ring
22 MD1814BR01 Bit Retaining Ring
23 MD1220OR01 O-Ring
24 MD1817BO04 Chuck Breakout Ring
25 MD1815CK01 Chuck (N180)
26 MD1818CB01 Chuck Bush
27 MD-N180DP Drive Pin x 12
MD1826SK01 Service Kit
1 MD1806CH01 Choke Blank
2 MD1803SP01 Spring
3 MD1825OK02 O Ring Kit
4 MD1830CP01 BH Tube Circlip
MD1825OK02 O Ring Kit
1 MD1820OR01 O Ring
2 MD1821OR01 O Ring
3 MD1822OR01 O Ring
4 MD1220OR01 O Ring
5 MD1823OR01 O Ring
MD1841BD01 Backhead/Distributor Assembly
1 MD1801BH02 Backhead For Adapter Insert
2 MD1807DR01 Distributor Probe
MD1842PT01 Piston Lifting Tool (Optional)
MD1843HT01 Hammer Lifting Tool (Optional)

3 0 3 AC 

Air Pressures are given for compressors operating at seal level at 20° C (68º F). Corrections to actual compressor volume should be made to account for temperature, altitude and relative humidity.

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