ICE 1600 Volvo STAGE V

The powerful power packs are designed for providing a lot of hydraulic power in liters and pressure. Of course, the various engines are available in Stage3A (Tier II), Stage 4 (Tier 4 final) and soon even in Stage 5 (Tier 5) version.

Our ICE power packs are built for powering high-quality hydraulic equipment, such as our vibratory hammers and hammers

Features ICE 1600 Volvo STAGE V / TIER 4F Short

  • Powerful & suitable for multiple hydraulic equipment
  • Easy & safe to use with different controls
  • Standard ambient temperature -10°- +35°C
  • Optimized hydraulic system with proven A-brand components
  • Robust frame construction & noise insulation
  • Remote acces & remote assistance
  • Intelligent operating iQAN system
  • Dual label Stage-V Tier 4F
  • Designed for mounted at the back of a crane

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Ron van Dam


  • Metric
  • Imperial
Specifications 1600
Diesel engine Volvo Penta TWD 1683 CE (2x)
Max. theoretical power 1170/1592 kW/HP
Max. frequency 1900 rpm
Max. operating pressure 350 bar
Hydraulic pump Rexroth
Max. oil flow 1710 L/min
Diesel oil 2130 L
DEF (AdBlue) capacity 140 L
Hydraulic oil 3300 L
Weight without fuel 17100 kg
Weight filled up 18900 kg