• Eccentric moment 0 to 6.5 kgm
  • Powerful | excavator mounted with swivel head
  • Vibro technology: resonance free
  • Mainly used for sheet piles
  • all round; excavator mounted
  • easy manageable thanks to clamp positioning
  • suitable for all types of sheet piles

Vibration is a very fast and environmentally friendly method for placing and removing foundation profiles and piles of sheets. A vibrating hammer brings a vertical moving profile.

The amplitude can vary from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. This leads to liquefaction of the soil, which can reduce the resistance. Due to the combination of vibration and weight, the profile decreases to the desired depth. Moreover, a vibrating hammer is also suitable for soil compaction.

  • Can be attached and transported with an excavator
  • Can be used in large cities and other urban areas
  • Proven efficiency in difficult work
  • Easy handling
  • Personnel and project safety.
ICE 6RFSH - Ciocan Vibrator

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  • Imperial
Specifications : ICE 6RFSH
Eccentric moment 0 - 6.5 kgm Clamps:
Max. centrifugal force 0 - 377 kN Sheet pile clamp 60TU
Max. frequency 2300 rpm Transport weight per piece 250 kg
Max. amplitude excl. 60TU 13.3 mm Double clamps N/A
Max. amplitude incl. 60TU 10.6 mm Transport weight per piece N/A kg
Max. static line-pull 120 kN
Max. operating pressure 350 bar Powerpack:
Max. oil flow 138 l/min Model N/A
Forced lubrication yes
Dynamic weight excl. 60TU 975 kg Hose set:
Dynamic weight incl. 60TU 1225 kg Length N/A m
Total weight excl. 60TU & hoses 1900 kg Transport weight (±) N/A kg