PVE 3200


  • universal heavy duty hydraulic actuator, onshore, offshore
  • lasting PVE finish: stainless & unique oil filtration system
  • CE certified, muted according NEN norms
  • no risk of oil leakage through leakproof closed bottom plate
  • minimal environmental and noise pollution thanks to Volvo engines
  • iQAN system, directly readable engine management system

These power packs are designed for providing a lot of hydraulic power in liters and in pressure. Up to 3,200 l/m and over 350 bar.

Of course, the various engines are available in Stage3A (Tier II), Stage 4 (Tier 4 final) and soon even in Stage 5 version.

Our PVE power packs are specifically built for powering high-quality hydraulic equipment, such as our vibratory hammers and hammers.
Customized Powerpacks
  • Building power packs was historically the first activity of PVE. Next to perfectly matched sets of a power pack and a vibratory hammer, power packs are being developed for a lot of other applications such as winches, augers, rotary heads, pumps and impact hammers.

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  • Metric
  • Imperial
Specifications 3200
Diesel engine Volvo TAD 1643 VE 4x
Max. theoretical power 2260/3072 kW/HP
Max. frequency 1850 r(pDmIN )
Max. operating pressure 350 bar
Hydraulic pump Rexroth 4x
Max. oil flow 3330 L/min
Diesel oil data-um="l"3970 L
DEF (AdBlue) capacity - L
Hydraulic oil data-um="l"4900 L
Weight without fuel data-um="kg"27600 kg
Weight filled up data-um="kg"31000 kg