• Large sheet piling up tot 36m, large pile driving, soil compaction
  • Optional beam solutions for large diameter tubes
  • The successor of the 2350VM
  • Safe working close tot existing buildings, structures, railways etc.
  • Eccentric Moment: 0 - 50 kgm
  • Forced lubrication system, PVE cooling system
  • Variable Moment: Resonance free stop and start
  • Suitable in urban areas and vibration sensitive projects
  • Suitable for most soil types
  • Suspendable from telescopic mobile crane
  • Wide range of clamping solutions

PVE 50VM - Ciocan Vibrator

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+40 314 253 800

Ron van Dam


  • Metric
  • Imperial
Specifications : PVE 50VM
Eccentric moment 50 kgm Clamps:
Max. centrifugal force 2900 kN Sheet pile clamp DWK350T
Max. frequency 2300 rpm Transport weight per piece 2600 kg
Max. amplitude excl. DWK350T 15 mm Double clamps PPK175T
Max. amplitude incl. DWK350T 10.9 mm Transport weight per piece 1300 kg
Max. static line-pull 800 kN
Max. operating pressure 350 bar Powerpack:
Max. oil flow 1380 l/min Model 1400 series
Forced lubrication yes
Dynamic weight excl. DWK350T 6600 kg Hose set:
Dynamic weight incl. DWK350T 9200 kg Length 45 m
Total weight excl. DWK350T & hoses 10060 kg Transport weight (±) 1970 kg