Rotary Adaptors

Mincon offers Adaptors in a wide range of sizes, lengths, wrenching, and thread configurations to suit our customer’s needs.

Adaptors are used in various positions within the drill string. A Bottom or Bit Sub Adaptor is used between the drill bit and drill pipe. Rotacan Bit Sub adaptors are easily recognizable with the industry unique Helical Hard Banding profile and provides extended protection for the working end of the drill pipe to which it is attached. Other Adaptors may be located elsewhere within the drill string to accommodate changes in thread to suit the applicable drill string components.

All Mincon adaptors are made from premium air craft quality heat treated steel and precision machined and gauged to ensure durability and long life. Mincon’s Helical Hard Banding (HHB) adaptors are unique in the industry and deliver offer extra protection to the drill pipe by extending the life of the adaptor and keeping the wear away from the drill pipe.

For more information:

+40 314 253 800

Ron van Dam

When Ordering, Please Provide the Following:

  • Outside Diameter
  • Shoulder to Shoulder length required
  • Type or specific application of the Adaptor required
  • Inside or bore diameter
  • Size of upper thread connection (BECO or API)
  • Size of lower thread connection (BECO or API)
  • Wrenching details where applicable and any special features
  • With or without Helical Hard Banding (HHB)