• Eccentric moment170 kgm
  • Max. centrifugal force3654 kN
  • Max. frequency1400 rpm

Vibration is a very fast and environmentally friendly method for placing and removing foundation profiles and piles of sheets. A vibrating hammer brings a vertical moving profile.

The amplitude can vary from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. This leads to liquefaction of the soil, which can reduce the resistance. Due to the combination of vibration and weight, the profile decreases to the desired depth. Moreover, a vibrating hammer is also suitable for soil compaction.

  • Can be attached and transported with an excavator
  • Can be used in large cities and other urban areas
  • Proven efficiency in difficult work
  • Easy handling
  • Personnel and project safety.
ICE 170NF - Ciocan Vibrator

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Specifications : ICE 170NF
Eccentric moment 170 kgm Clamps:
Max. centrifugal force 3654 kN Double clamps PPK 350T (2x)
Max. frequency 1400 rpm Transport weight per piece 2980 kg
Max. amplitude excl. PPK 350T (2x) 29.7 mm
Max. amplitude incl.PPK 350T (2x) 19.5 mm
Max. static line-pull 1260 kN
Max. operating pressure 350 bar Powerpack:
Max. oil flow 1293 l/min Model 1400 series
Forced lubrication yes
Dynamic weight excl. PPK 350T (2x) 11455 kg Hose set:
Dynamic weight incl. PPK 350T (2x) 17415 kg Length 60 m
Total weight excl. PPK 350T (2x) & hoses 17850 kg Transport weight (±) 1640 kg