• Clamp force:800 kN
  • Operating pressure:300 bar
  • min. inside tube. :410 Ø mm

Clamps are the connection between a vibratory hammer and the profile. ICE offers a wide range of clamps, with various clamping force and weight. Almost every type of profile can be driven or extracted.

  • TU series: sheet pile clamps for single or double sheets and H beams
  • TC series: tube clamps for tubes, pox piles or multiple sheets
  • TP series: pile clamps for concrete, wooden or steel tubes or piles
  • CS series: concrete sheet pile clamps, on request

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Ron van Dam


  • Metric
  • Imperial
Specifications : ICE 60TU
Sheet pile clamp
Clamping force 600 kN
Max. operating press. 320 bar
Max. clamp open press. 180 bar
Weight 250 kg