Woltman 40 PR

  • High capacity
  • Designed for multiple jobs per day
  • Light weight
  • Compact transport dimensions

Woltman offers a wide range of pile driving rigs. These purpose built rigs are especially designed to drive piles.

No excavator or crawler crane is used as a standard undercarriage which has made it possible to guarantee the highest possible stability and a very low centre of gravity. All the Woltman machines have a solid and strong undercarriage which is hydraulically extendable and is fitted with wide track plates. The winches of the Woltman machines are synchronized in a sophisticated way to ensure the most efficient pile driving operation.

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Ron van Dam


  • Metric
  • Imperial
Operational specifications
Recommended hammer size PVE 4NL/5NL
Max. pile + hammer weight* 13 ton lbs 28,660
Leader length std. (max.) 21,8 (24,8) mtr ft 71.5 (81.4)
Max. pile length (max.) 17 (20) mtr ft 55.8 (65.6)
Hammer winch 10 ton lbs 22,046
Pile winch 7 ton lbs 15,432
Operational weight incl. 4NL 48 ton lbs 105,822
Max. oil flow 390 l/min g/min 103
Max. pressure 320 bar psi 4,641