Woltman 90 DR

  • CAT engine (>750 HP),
  • Multi purpose,
  • Soil displacement drilling,
  • Extremely high torque (500 kNm)
  • Tier 4F available

Woltman offers a wide range of drilling rigs.

Most of these purpose build rigs are especially designed for high torque drilling methods like displacement drilling and big diameter CFA.

No excavator or crawler crane is used as undercarriage which has made it possible to guarantee the highest possible stability and low centre point of gravity. All Woltman rigs have a solid and strong undercarriage which is hydraulically extendable and is fitted with wide track plates. The winches of the Drilling rigs are fully synchronized in pull-up and pull-down operation. Lots of accessories available to enable multipurpose operation.

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Ron van Dam


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  • Imperial
Operational Specifications
Recommended Rotary head PVE RH-40/RH-45/RH-50
Max. torque on leader kNm 500 ton/m 56.2
Leader length std (max.) mtr 30/33/36 ft 98.4/108.3/118.1
Max. drill depth mtr 26/29/32 ft 85.3/95.1/105.0
Max. diameter mm 1.500 inch 59
Pull up force ton 100 (12.5x8) lbs 220,462
Pull down force ton 30 (15x2) lbs 66,139
Operational weight RH-8 ton 102 lbs 224,871
Max. oil flow ltr/min 800 g/min 211
Max. pressure bar 320 psi 4,641
Transport weight excl. rotary head ton 90 lbs 198,416
Transport weight w/o counterweight ton 75 lbs 165,347
Tr. weight w/o tracks & counterweight ton 57 lbs 125,663
Total counterweight ton 15 lbs 33,069
Rig specifications
Engine Caterpillar C18
Engine output kW 563 HP 760
Hydraulics Bosch Rexroth
Hydraulic system Openloop