Woltman PSD 3000

  • Onshore and offshore
  • Impressive inclinations possible
  • Multipurpose
  • Used with many applications

Woltman offers heavy pile driving machines which can be used as a regular lifting crane as well. The unique design requires a lot less working space compared to conventional crawler cranes with hanging leader. The range starts at 100 tons class up to 300 tons.

All PDS rigs have a patented design which offer the perfect solution for projects in which pile driving and lifting work are combined. The PDS rigs can be used as a normal HD-crawler crane or as a Piledriver with leader lengths up to 60 meters. With help of the outriggers that are mounted to the rear of the boom of the crane, bigger rake positions are achieved and less working space is required compared to traditional pile driving installations. The PDS machines can be used onshore but also offshore on a barge, pontoon or Jack up barge.

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Ron van Dam


  • Metric
  • Imperial
Operational specifications Weights
Max. lift capacity w/o leader 300 tons @ 5 m 661,386 tons @ 16.4 ft Operational weight w/o leader ton 265 lbs 584,224
Max. pile + hammer weight* ton 100 lbs 220,462 Weight in PDS config. excl. tools ton 350 lbs 771,617
Leader length standard mtr 55 ft 180.5 Total counterweight ton 105 lbs 231,485
Leader length max mtr 60 ft 196.9 Transport weight excl. boom ton 91 lbs 200,620
Boom length standard mtr 54 ft 177.2 Rig specifications
Boom length optional mtr 60-80 ft 196.9-262.5 Engine Caterpillar C13 Stage 4
Capacity main winches ton 20 lbs 44,092 Engine output kW 350 HP 475
Capacity auxiliary ton 15 lbs 33,069 Hydraulic system Bosch Rexroth
Capacity leader winch ton 20 lbs 44,092 Hydraulic system Open Loop