Clamshell Buckets with Open Shells

Kinshofer’s Clamshell Buckets with Open Shells are specifically designed for efficient handling of scrap materials. These robust and durable buckets feature open shells that allow for easy loading and unloading of materials such as scrap metal, wood, and debris. They are designed with high closing forces and smooth operation, making them ideal for precise material handling in scrap yards, recycling facilities, and other scrap handling applications.

Container Discharge Units

Kinshofer’s Container Discharge Units are designed for safe and efficient unloading of waste materials from containers. These units are equipped with hydraulic lifting systems that allow for controlled and precise unloading of waste materials, reducing the risk of spills and accidents. They are designed to work seamlessly with Kinshofer’s Clamshell Buckets and Orange Peel Grapples, enabling easy transfer of waste materials from containers to other waste handling equipment.

Orange Peel Grapples

Kinshofer’s Orange Peel Grapples are designed for handling scrap materials such as scrap metal, scrap wood, and other bulky items. These grapples are equipped with multiple independent tines that provide powerful grabbing capabilities and allow for efficient handling of irregularly shaped materials. They are designed with wear-resistant materials and robust construction to withstand the demands of scrap handling operations.