Rock Grapples with HPXdrive for Crane

The reliability of the revolutionary HPXdrive in combination with robust, versatile tines – ideal for handling all kinds of natural rocks, curbstones etc in landscaping architecture. Thanks to the drive system, the movement and closing force of the shells is constant and synchronized, generated by two hollow shafts, which run opposed and have a helix thread, hydraulically driven by a single piston.
The HPXdrive is available as standard or heavy duty version.

But no matter the size: There a no hydraulic cylinders required anymore!

A longer life cycle of up to 50% and the integrated self-lubrication as the drive unit runs in a permanent oil bath are also featured by the drive, as well as the compact design, making the HPXdrive resistant to dirt and debris.


Versatility is granted by different types of available shells that can easily be refitted onto the unit.
The perfect alternative to cylinder-operated grapples that do not only save time and cost, but also facilitate every task.

The rock grapples with HPXdrive are available as standard daily routine or heavy duty version, each featuring the respective HPXdrive.

A wide range of accessories, including different mounting options or load hooks are available for all rock grapples with HPXdrive.

KM 613HPX available in capacity 0.16 m² / 0.11 cords as complete ready-to-fit package: rock gapple, HPXdrive Standard, flange rotator, upper suspension, non-return and pressure relief valves.

KM 613HPX-HD available in capacity 0.35 m² / 0.23 cords as complete ready-to-fit package: rock gapple, HPXdrive Heavy Duty, flange rotator, upper suspension, non-return valve.

All HPX-packages are also available with shaft rotator and reduction link or quick change system.