Couplers and Buckets

Special Solutions for Excavator

The Department for Special and Custom Solutions at KINSHOFER is dedicated to the solving of your operation challenges. The special solutions team is in charge of all special requests from clients, from generating the offer up to the delivery of the finally built attachment. The entire process comprises design, construction, purchase, sales, assembly, delivery and service.

All possible excavator applications can be supplied with custom-fit tools, adapted especially to the customer’s needs. No matter if a special attachment for a construction, material handling or landsaping task is required, and no matter how complicated the task might seem, our Department for Special and Custom Solutions will find the perfect design.
Even for nuclear or offshore tasks, the department has already constructed different attachments for special requirements.

Special and Custom Solutions
Nuclear Barrel Grab A02H Special
Demolition and Sorting Grab D15H(-P) with CW30
Clamshell Bucket C25VE without Rotator
Re-handling Clamshell Bucket C40H-small
15t-Rotator with 3rd Oil Duct
15t-Rotator with Central Feedthrough
Nuclear Grapples
Demolition and Sorting Grab D20H with Solenoid