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NOX Tiltrotator for Excavator

360° continuous rotation and a tilt angle of up to 2 x 50° make it a universal joint, allowing for a whole new range of applications. Combined with a quick change system and various attachments this means highest efficiency at any construction site.

The Tiltrotator can be mounted directly on the excavator arm (direct mount) or as sandwich-design by attaching it to the excavator arm with a quick coupler. Preferably the quick coupler on the excavator arm is the same as the lower quick coupler on the NOX Tiltrotator, however, this is not absolutely necessary.
The compact design with the fully integrated tilt and rotation unit offers maximum protection against damage. The NOX Tiltrotator has no protruding cylinders or piston rods that can be damaged, which increases reliability. In addition, the low construction ensures a higher breakout force.
The lower quick coupler on the NOX Tiltrotator enables a safe and quick exchange between the attachments. You can choose between mechanical, hydraulic or fully hydraulic quick change systems.
With the integrated gripper you get an additional attachment for handling poles, tubes and curb stones. The gripper is integrated at the lower quick coupler and does not affect the height or the attachment cross-movement.
The RR-TRG gripper has been designed especially for heavy duty tasks, such as gripping railroad sleepers or rails. The extremely strong gripper module has been constructed for efficient gripping at a 40° angle. The gripper unit can be removed quickly and easily.


    Manage the same amount of work in less time.
  2. SAFETY:
    The NOX TILTROTATOR complies with all current safety regulations and helps the operator and surrounding workforce to achieve an accident free environment.
    Increase the use of your machine dramatically and accept mor jobs. Especially in conjunction with the NOX.
    The NOX TILTROTATOR comes GPS-ready with its very modern NOXPROP+ CONTROL SYSTEM. The most common 3D machine control systems can be implemented. Even retroactively.

With using the NOX Tiltrotator, you are not only reducing the need for repositioning your excavator and thus sparing the ground from damage (especially when it comes to landscaping tasks), but you will also speed up your work. The attachments can be positioned within the complete reach of the boom to work around obstacles. Fast and easy levelling works with a levelling bar can be realized without repositioning the excavator. Precise setting of curbstones, dosed and accurate filling of trenches with a bucket turned by 90° as well as the handling of different kinds of materials in narrow areas are no problem with the NOX Tiltrotator.

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