Couplers and Buckets

Timber Grabs for Excavator

The KINSHOFER timber grabs are the ideal tools for the handling of timber. No matter if you clamp more logs or just a single one, thanks to the excellent closing characteristics, the load is held tight securely.
The use of 500 HB steel in the manufacture of cutting edges ensures a long service life.

The small KINSHOFER timber grabs for excavators up to 9t / 19800 lbs operating weight are equipped with the revolutionary cylinderless HPXdrive and thus provide the feature to exchange the shells and use the drive unit for other applications. Due to the rigid mount, the precise handling and positioning of the load is no problem.

with HPXdrive:

T05HPX-3Z for excavators with 3 to 5t / 6600 to 11000 lbs.

T09HPX-3Z for excavators with 5 to 9t / 11000 to 19800 lbs.

with horizontal cylinders:

T12H for excavators with 8 to 12t / 17600 to 26400 lbs.

D15H-T with five tines for excavators with 11 to 15t / 24200 to 33000 lbs.

D20H-T with five tines for excavators with 14 to 20t / 30800 to 44000 lbs.

D27H-T with five tines for excavators with 20 to 27t / 44000 to 59400 lbs.

with vertical cylinders:

T20V for excavators with 13 to 20t / 28600 to 44000 lbs.

T30V for excavators with 20 to 30t / 44000 to 66000 lbs.

T30VHD-3Z for excavators with 20 to 30t / 44000 to 66000 lbs.

T40VHD for excavators with 25 to 40t / 55000 to 88000 lbs.

T80VHD for excavators with 40 to 100t / 88000 to 220000 lbs.