Couplers and Buckets

Undercutter for Excavator

The new undercutter is the ideal tool to remove ballast from under already positioned railtracks, e.g. to exchange damaged sleepers. Especially flexible and mobile in combination with a NOX Tiltrotator. The Udercutter is suitable for road rail excavators with 14t – 24t / 30800 – 52800 lbs operating weight.

The undercutter can be mounted to a NOX Tiltrotator or another already existing one. Alternatively, the attachments can also be delivered with a special tilt-turn-unit. It is available in three differents lengths.

The chain can easily be changed, thus reducing downtimes.

The undercutter goes under sleepers and rails from the side and cuts out the ballast bed. Damaged sleepers can easily be unscrewed and exchanged, before bringing back and tamping the ballast.

The chain is tensioned automatically and hydraulically.